PowerShell Resources

Update:  This list has been moved to this page rather than a post.  I will leave the content below unaltered, but be sure to refer to the new page for the rare update!


I’m starting to build a list of PowerShell resources for co-workers and me.  I plan to keep this up to date and add resources on a regular basis, so you may want to check back occasionally.

Cheat sheets and quick references

Blogs and other resources


Videos and Podcasts

Books and eBooks

Tools and Add-ons

This is what I have so far. Some of it is a bit dated;  for example, PowerGUI isn’t quite as active as it once was.  I’m likely overlooking a number of resources that I simply find using google, or that are out of the scope of what I do (e.g. I don’t work with SharePoint).

If you have any suggestions on resources to include, how to better organize these, or any other insight, it would be greatly appreciated!

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