PowerShell Summit 2014 wrap

My three key takeaways from the PowerShell Summit:

Don’t ignore Desired State Configuration

Jeffrey Snover and Microsoft are clearly putting their weight behind DSC, it won’t be going away any time soon.  Even if you don’t have immediate plans to implement it, start kicking the tires and learning the basics.

Want to effect change in PowerShell?  Get involved with the community

It was great to see Jeffrey pull out a notebook when interesting ideas or suggestions came up.  Folks like Steven Murawski have helped shape Desired State Configuration – It was fun to see a group from the PowerShell team huddled around Steven.  If you have ideas, get them out there –  for example, contribute and vote on sites like Microsoft Connect.

Exciting things are coming

If you haven’t read it, take a few minutes and check out Jeffrey’s Monad Manifesto.  Jeffrey gave a great session looking back at the origins of the manifesto, where we are today, and where he sees things moving.  There were a number of tidbits that will be fleshed out down the road, but the last slide was quite interesting.  Improving community engagement, focusing on developers, and a prediction that PowerShell will be open sourced!

On the Summit

All in all, this summit exceeded my expectations.  Already working on a plan to sell the next summit.  Props to all the folks behind this – organizers, presenters, attendees, etc.  You did a fantastic job.  I didn’t have to make a single food pit stop to Seattle.

Stay tuned for materials from the summit – PowerShell.org will be posting session materials shortly, and we might see some session recordings turn up, thanks to attendees like Aaron Hoover.

On a personal note

Was great to meet everyone!  I’m terrible at mingling, hopefully will get to meet more of you next year.

Will be back to posting on PowerShell shortly, just wrapped up a project for my studies, defending in early June!


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